Social Marketing and Split Personality Disorder

12 10 2009

I hear numerous friends and colleagues differentiate between their facebook spaceball201087733_34e1689730_tprofile and their Linkedin profile. But in reality can you be two people on the web?

The ultimate key to social media is the linkages, the power of influencers, but in the networked world with all these linkages and connections how long can you remain two people? The argument goes I’m myself on facebook with my friends and my ‘work’ self on linked in with colleagues. If the gap between these two personalities is too wide, what impact does that have on your personal brand.

Maybe it’s not split personality but definitely delusional in my medical opinion (For the record, I once attended a first aid course when my son was born, that’s the extent of my medial experience). Maybe it’s temporary amnesia – happy in your job, no need to remain professional on facebook. But what happens when you change jobs, can you delete all the other images.

We have all heard and read horror stories of posting on face book or other sites and lost their job, or posted something stupid on twitter and lost that client. My question was not should you be fired for it? My question is should you have posted it.

Interestingly in the Middle East I believe theses two things are the same. In Dubai for instance, so many people do business with their friends, and there are so many family businesses, and with so many expats it’s natural that these connections become friends. So facebook seems to be the most popular of social media sites, used for business and pleasure.

Maybe it’s cultural, or linked to age. But once on the web, it’s on the record, and hard to delete. I think it’s best to handle your personal brand with care, you’re going to need it someday!




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