Social Media and Event Marketing

10 11 2009

Earlier this month social media rock star Chris Brogan published an Shared Services Week Q and Ainteresting step by step guide called “How to Market an Offline Event Online“. Chris is very good at what he does, he recently published a book called Trust Agents, which is also excellent.

Whilst I found the list very good, with a lot of great online/social media tips, get a URL, fish where the fishes are, get influencial bloggers going, email and twitter to your hearts content. He also draws an interesting line between “hey good to know” and “man, you’re annoying”.

The list is a great starting place but it’s a bit short of what is really required to market a succesful event in todays “noisey” environment. So, what would I add? Lets start with:

  • A Good event – The basis of marketing success is a good product. A purple cow, something remarkable, the best speakers, the best sponsors, the best topics, and the best format.
  • Lead time…. Over night success takes six years (or atleast 20 weeks). Actually your event promotion starts during the research stage…Surveys, call for speakers, sponsorship promotion all start the ball rolling.
  • Good media and association partnerships.
  • Price / Value – Finding the right ratio is key.
  • Work with speakers and sponsors – Encourage them to drive awareness of their participation.
  • Use content to add value – Interview the speakers, Ask partners for content, work with consultants and research groups to get their content, get content from sponsors, ask people who have published articles in the area if we can share them….. Add more value to generate leads and word of mouth.
  • The experience – Ultimately a great onsite experience will make the customers come back!

I am sure you can think of more….so email me and I will include your amazing ideas in upcoming posts.




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