What’s in a name?

25 11 2009

A name is everything right… You can’t judge a book by it’s cover but you can judge it by the name right? It seems a name is even more important these days with the advent of adwords.

I recently saw David Meerman Scott, author of a great book called the New Rules of Marketing and PR, present at a conference.  He also happens to be a living breathing example of the importance of a name, he changed his name from David Scott (About 490,000,000 hits on google and he’s not on the first page), employing his middle name, to David Meerman Scott (Now owns the first page). 

I was recently handed an article by a valued colleague about a car insurance comparison site.  (You can go here to read it but have to log in…. http://mediablips.dailyradar.com/story/how-did-a-meerkat-bowl-over-brits-it-s-simples/) They were competing for a CPC of $8 for the word “Market” but shifted the game by going for “meerkat” and created a whole, fun, innovative, gutsy compaign around the whole idea using a Russian Meerkat. Imagine pitching your boss on this idea! The results, 73% reduction in cost per acquisition, 600,000 fans on facebook, 26,000 fllowers on twitter, and 50 marriage proposals for the the meerkat. Plus traffic is up 400%, 80% increase in the number of quotes given, and market share is up 76%!

Does anyone have a list of the least searched terms on google?




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