The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Conference Marketing Managers

17 01 2010
IQPC Marketing managersIn my role at IQPC I’m often asked what are the most important characteristics of a good marketing manager, which is difficult to answer. But I‘m a huge fan of Covey’s work, so in this post I want to use his framework to illustrate what habits I think are illustrated by highly effective marketing managers.

So….7 habits of highly effective conference marketers:

1) Goal Orientated – Or as Covey would say, Start with the end in mind. A good conference marketer can envision the room on the day of the event, they can see all the people in the room during the opening remarks, what they are wearing, the average age, their experience, the industry breakdowns……all the demographics.

2) Focus on impact – They understand what they can and can’t control and they ritually focus in on that impact zone. They constantly refine tasks down to the areas where they can have the biggest impact, and focus in on closing any gaps. They are working on tight deadlines with limited budget, this focus allows them to be efficient and effective. Knowing what they can impact and change, also helps provide a greater level of job satisfaction. They are doers…

3) Time sensitive – They are aware of timelines and constantly remind themselves to they can stay ahead of the curve. All good conference managers make time management a daily part of their routine.  

4) Interpretation into action – Yep they are analytical, they look at response rates and other key performance measure but they translate that information into actionable steps that help close gaps in performance or make improvements.

5) Learning – They are interested in broad learning, they read blogs, books, magazines and anything on marketing. They are interested in learning more about their customers and have a thirst for information. They stay up to date with marketing and business trends. Good conference marketing managers learn something new from each and every campaign, they are constantly building knowledge and have built learning into their routines.

6) Communication – They are focused on win –win partnerships and relationship built on excellent communication, both internally and externally, they make a habit of over communicating. They can work with any type of personality and any multitude of groups. They are the person everyone wants on their team, not because of popularity, but because they have built professional credibility, establish excellent lines of communication and have developed a reputation as a team play that delivers.

7) Ownership – They embrace the grey areas. Good conference marketing managers always go above and beyond their job descriptions when it’s required.

If I could add an eight habit, I would say they are always entrepreneurial. Good conference marketing managers are very good commercial thinkers, they are innovative and have a good understanding of business. Did I also mention they are hard working? Not afraid of a challege?

These are just my idea based on the excellent conference marketing managers I have worked with at IQPC over the past 10 years.

Any more ideas or habits to add?




3 responses

3 02 2010

Great post! There might be one habit to add: Embrace Change … or even better Initiate Change: given the low entry barriers it’s essential to stand out, deliver the wow factor, be first to act or react and gain deeper insight into your customers than the rest. And you can’t achieve this by always doing the same things in the same way.

8 02 2010

Thanks CT! Embracing change is very important, perhaps even innovation. I think the ability to be innovative and think out of the box is a key trait of any good marketer. Make it the 8 habits…

13 03 2011
10,000 hours to be an expert marketer « Nomad Marketer @ IQPC

[…] the role of conference marketer is that you are constantly learning! And learning is one of the key habits of highly effective marketers. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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