Zen and the art of conference marketing – Step 4: Research & Analysis

7 03 2010

Step 4 on our stairway to conference marketing heaven – Research & Analysis. Doesn’t sound very Zen, and it might even seem a bit out of order, but I’m going to stick with it…

I am talking here about the nuts and bolts direct marketing research, not glamorous but effective, time to start putting some muscle on the bones.  Start to apply what you learnt about your target audience in step 2, look into how people communicate with each other in the community, see what promotional opportunities if at all exists, Investigate what’s worked in the past, what new channels may be available, what you have already, what you need to get and what your competition has that you might need. Start building your buyer profiles out and start slicing and dicing your data, if you don’t have any start finding it! Or find out who has it, can you get your hands on it?

Speak to other marketers (like your sponsors) who market to the same audience, what do they say? What channels do they use? What have they found effective? Can we work together? How can we help each other reach our goals? Analyse the marketing of the most successful companies in the space – What can you learn?

Now you can start thinking about how you are going to get attention and what you plan on doing with it, if you get it. Can you build a permission asset, or leverage someone else’s. Will the bloggers work with you, will other partners come along for the ride, speak to them all, build some win-win partnerships. Start working with the media partners, associations, and publications and do some more detailed breakdown of their membership. Look on LinkedIn, look on Facebook etc…what’s acceptable to the community and what’s not.

Blue Sky, Blank Page, Green fields or what ever you want to call it… Put it all together, no rules, just everything you can find and start organizing it around your buyer personas, costing it, forecast its impact, do you need more, do you need less…Time to answer all the questions!




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2 06 2010
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[…] 4)      Analysis / research – Investigate what has worked in the past, what new channels may be available, what you have already, what you need to get and sanity check your audience profiles. […]

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