Zen and the art of conference marketing – step 5: Planning & Strategy

7 04 2010

This is a big one! and I am not sure I will do it justice in this post but here goes…

Now you start building an integrated multi-channel marketing strategy and plan that ties all the other steps together with an effective timeline & budget.

Before you start building you plan, you should also be building your database and your permission asset.  Take the things you learnt in the previous steps and find data, find out who has the data, scramble it together from as many sources as you can, and build up your opt-in in strategy.

Your plan needs to include multiple channels dictated by your research, but by no means limited to:

  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Trade magazines
  • Trade associations
  • An online strategy and social media optimization plan.

You should also develop a content strategy at this stage, how are you going to pull people into your permission asset, how will you use it online to build a small groundswell of interest. It also needs to be remarkable, you want people to remark on it, and pass it on. Part of your strategy here should be to “add more value than you can capture”, share powerful information, and people will engage.

You also want to maximise the timing of your campaigns, balance the drops and channels to maximise your returns. AND remember, as Chris Brogen says, there’s a fine line between, “hey nice to know, and wow you’re annoying me”.

Balancing the timeline, frequency of communications and multiple channels on a tight budget and deadline is the key. The clock is ticking…always.




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1 06 2010
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