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15 04 2010

I have often quoted Seth Godin’s great riff on magic beans, I love it, I come back to it often, probably too often…But I think it resonates with B2B conference marketing. The days of sending out a 4 page agenda dominated brochure and expecting people to register from it are basically over, it’s time to move on.

We can no longer rely on our basic “template” marketing plans to resonate with our audience and expect them to react. Sure it still works in some cases, but we must start to “think” about how we can really engage this audience and add more value than we can capture.

These two posts on hubspot by Brian Solis, who just published a book called “Engage” (which I just bought), help to explain the new landscape even better.

I quote Brian:

What lies ahead is an inflection point in the maturation of social media, publishing, marketing and communications. And, it all begins with the realization and the corresponding actions that businesses must become media in order to earn greater relevance and ultimately thought leadership within their respective markets.

Every Company is a Media Company: EC=MC




One response

16 04 2010
scott aughtmon @rampbusinesses

You’re right. Any new tool, idea, or method that gets adopted and becomes mainstream loses its effectiveness because it loses it’s uniqueness. I like Brian’s quote about that business “must become media”. Great concept!

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