Adding more value than you can capture

17 05 2010

I often talk about creating more value than you can capture with our marketing teams at IQPC, I didn’t invent it; I copied it from Tim O’Reilly.

Here’s a link to his presentation on Slide Share. 

I saw Tim give a similar presentation and it stuck with me… It resonated because our business creates so much value for people, but I think much of it remains under utilized. So I started challenging IQPC marketers to tap this vast well of information, whether information from events, or information gathered during the research of our conference, we want to release the power of this information for the audience. We are a commercial conference company, we make money from running events, no apologies, but the information provided at the events is only a small proportion, the lesser proportion I believe, to the value from attending and networking with leading decision makers. So why not share it?

Better still, by releasing parts of this smaller value – we can empower people to share our information, spreading the word about how powerful our conferences can be if they choose to attend.  Social media has really allowed us to leverage this sharing, helping us add more value than we capture. It’s simple, it’s not about us. It’s about the power of our service whether free or paid to help people drive change, whether for their organization or for them.

Questions we should ask ourselves:

  • Have we released information to the events core audience that helps them do a better job?
  • Better still – Can they share or spread it? Adding more value, maybe some of it will come back to us?
  • How can we involve our past delegates or sponsors in ways to further increase the value of an event?
  • Have we found the key influencers and engaged them in sharing this information?

Our entire product improves through participation, this is only the beginning, we must add more value than we can capture.




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