Drinking the social media kool aid

28 06 2010

I was in London last week for the IQPC Marketing Directors meeting discussing all sorts of incredible marketing innovations with people much smarter than me. Of course one of the big discussion points was Social Media, not just how we leverage for our business, our team of marketers across the globe already do a lot of that, but what we really discussed was listening to our communities and making sure we utilize new tools to monitor our activities.

One of the first things I picked up on when I got back (whilst deleting the spam!) was the buzz around Gatorade’s social media activities.

Wow….maybe the high energy sound track helps, or too much Gatorade, but it was great to see how they created a control center for monitoring their social media and online marketing efforts. Most important for me were the 6 areas they monitor:

  1. Monitor online discussions
  2. Monitor sports landscape
  3. Proactive social media outreach
  4. Track media performance
  5. Track brand attributes
  6. Track sports trends and buzz

Better still they clearly listened, check out this slightly related video from Sarah Robb-O’Hagan, CMO for Gatorade. Sarah gives a passionate run down of how the company has listened and then reacted!

Unfortunately I don’t fall into the “athlete” demographic, chasing kids and stressing about marketing ROI doesn’t really count! My sports beverage intake is more coffee for prime, coffee for performance, and wine for recovery! But I love how they have defined their buyer personas, and deeply used that knowledge to tailor their products, branding and the messaging. It’s more than just marketing…

Mashable seems to have the best review of the activities here: http://mashable.com/2010/06/15/gatorade-social-media-mission-control/, but essentially it’s one thing to use new cool tools to listen to your audience, but another thing altogether to react! We should all grow bigger ears, but we need to make sure we act on the information!




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