The greatest online marketing campaign ever…

30 07 2010

Well that depends on how you measure success?

Fast Company is searching for 2010’s most influential person online and getting tonnes of links and traffic in the process, no doubt they are also aiming to drive sales for the next issue. It looks to be a great marketing campaign.

They recently published this great article on “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” vs “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. The article outlines how Mr.Dos Equiis is driving sales up 26% while Mr Old Spice has had a questionable impact (& smell); there has also been some buzz about the accuracy of the numbers but my point is, it’s about how you define success.

I can name plenty of other campaigns of a similar ilk and they all have a common thread for me, they are engaging and mainly content driven.  

But in the age of content marketing if you go by these basic rules or these better ones (published by Ann Hadley here):

  • Engage directly with customers (or would-be customers)
  • Communicate with personality, empathy and real emotion
  • Create value
  • And also: Have a little fun

Then how do you measure success? Like Covey said start with the end in mind, so that has to be revenue, we all want it right? Sorry to be one to say it, but how many followers, or RT’s, or fans, doesn’t matter if you can’t pay the bills. Remember “The best job in the world” competition that generated millions of hits, applicants and PR exposure. But apparently tourism numbers were down in 2009.

 Get excited about new marketing channels and promotion, but don’t lose sight of the goal.




One response

9 08 2010

Very true – it’s all about doing something that drives a behaviour you want to drive. Commonly the “missing link” or “thought”.

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