Incredible India… Brilliant Bangalore!

30 09 2010

I just got back from my first trip to our new IQPC office in Bangalore and was very impressed by the team and the energy of India. The team has so much enthusiasm I was blown away, the hunger to learn and improve is contagious, it was the best business trip I have taken in a long time. What the team has managed to accomplish would have taken significantly longer anywhere else and I am sure they will play a central part in our future growth.

The Tuk Tuk ride to work was… interesting. Put it this way, I didn’t need a cup of coffee to stay awake. The adrenaline from riding to work on a Tuk Tuk dodging 5 million people in traffic was enough to keep me awake. Only to be topped by the trip home one night when we meet, “The Boss”. “The Boss” races his tuk tuk on weekends and is 17 for 28. We couldn’t work out if that meant he won 17 races out of 28 or injured 17 people in 28 accidents, but we laughed, held on tight, screamed, laughed and cried!

Big shout out to the Empire Hotel, for the best Chicken Tikka outside of London and Mani’s Dum Biryani for the best Chicken Biryani outside of Ravi’s in Dubai! And all the staff at the Royal Orchard Hotel who also did an excellent job!

 Every where we went we meet very nice people, helpful, and friendly! If you get a chance to go to Bangalore, Grab it!




3 responses

31 10 2010

Nice to read about B’lore now Bengaluru…Tuk Tuk…was good. Autorikshaws here are indeed fun.

And Royal ORCHID hotel is also good..Hope you will cherish the memories of your first vsisit always….

10 11 2010

Hi Jason,
NICE read, great updates indeed, it was great meeting you, hope everything is goin well in dubai. See ya soon.

Allan Martin

29 11 2010

Great post – I haven’t been to India in years but the atmosphere is always buzzing!

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