12 things good event marketing managers believe

11 10 2010

I recently came across this great post from HBR by Bob Sutton on the basic beliefs of good managers. Bob is also the author of one of my favorite management books, “The No Asshole Rule”, but that’s a whole other post….

I thought it would be interesting to try and come up with some common beliefs of good conference marketers based on my IQPC experience. Here’s my take, less evidence based than Bob’s, and more gut feel experience based.

 12 things good event marketing managers believe:

1. They embrace change… Change is the only constant. Flexibility and adaptability are key. And as a result they are masters of innovation – test, test, test. They remember do less of what doesn’t work and more of what does!

2. They are time conscious. Productive and effective in their actions, they spend time like it was money and aren’t afraid to cut out tasks that don’t contribute to the bottom line.

3. They don’t know it all. They challenge all assumptions, question everything and believe in all forms of learning. They hunger for more information. They read, and they listen (more than they talk!).

4. Mistakes are a badge of honor, they share them like war stories, helping each other to avoid the same mistakes. The really good ones view it as a learning opportunity and never make the same mistake twice.  

5. They analyze everything but always see the big picture. They know the numbers, but rely on intuition.

6. They are early adopters, always first to try or review a new channel, but critically assess impact and performance early.

7. They empower the people who work with them. They know no man is an island, it’s a group effort and they seek out talented people to work with. They also seek alliances and know how to structure win-win partnerships, internal and external.

8. They get involved outside their job spec – It’s all marketing, so the good ones don’t sit at their desk staring at spreadsheets and going to meetings, they jump the fence and get involved in production, operations, sales, everything….They are the go to person for their team.

9. They know their customers – They want to know more than job title, industry and geography. They research and study the market, they participate, they become knowledgeable about their customers challenges.

10. They are story tellers!

11. They believe in the brand promise – They believe their event will help their customers, improve their job prospects, improve their performance, solve their problems.   

12. They believe in miracles (& the all hard work that goes into making them an over night reality).

I also think the best ones demonstrate strength as defined by Seth Godin.

What do you believe?