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14 03 2011

A new site called Lanyrd – The social conference directory ( was recently launched that could potentially help event marketers promote their events and significantly help our delegates, speakers and sponsors not only choose events but enhance their networking at them. Not unlike events on LinkedIn or Facebook, it connects users of the site with an event, but with a twist.

How’s it work?

The site is relatively new but they are already being called “the IMDb of conferences”, except that the content is crowdsourced. Lanyrd users add conferences which leverage users twitter network to create links to events – It’s genius and simple.  

Lanyrd’s interface with twitter is crazy. Sign in with your Twitter handle, and you get a list of people and upcoming conferences drawn from your Twitter relationships. They know who spoke at a trade show or conference last month, or who will be speaking at an event in the future. The site already lists 6,000 plus crowdsourced conferences and 30,000 user profiles. So when you log in you see the events the people you follow are attending or speaking at. Because people likely follow the people they’d like to know or the speakers they’d like to see, it falls together nicely using twitters social graph. As a result, Potential delegates have already composed a list of the thought leaders they would like to network with at upcoming conferences and by using twitter, Lanyrd is well positioned to find the sessions of social relevance to potential delegates. Think influencer profiling via twitter….for your event.

It gets even more crazy…. Since users are encouraged to add speakers and their Twitter names to sessions, the speaker need not be a Lanyrd user to have a Lanyrd presence. On signing up, you may notice your conference history has already been charted for you by your Twitter followers, organizers or fellow attendees. And I suspect this is only the beginning. The email updates ae also an incredible piece of insight into related events in your area of expertise.


If you haven’t already, I suggest you login to Lanyrd using your twitter name and add your conferences.

Once you have created the event, you need to add your topics, add some speakers using their powerful twitter search functionality or find the speakers company and add them, add some content via the coverage tab, add some session details and you’re away!




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21 03 2011
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