IQPC Marketing Wins Commendation

23 06 2011

Congratulations to the UK based IQPC International Marketing team for winning a highly commended award at the 2011 Conference Awards.

I know Amy and her team work hard and do a great job, but here’s what some actual customers think;
“IQPC’s marketing team continues to do a tremendous job…. In this era of tighter budgets and declining resources, attendance continues to increase, with a sizable set of “returners” voting with their feet.  Media coverage of the Cyber Warfare event has expanded, with significant involvement of the BBC. There is a direct relationship between the quality of the content and surge in attendance. The team is doing a super job on this…” (Prof. Dan Kuehl)
“I’ve benefited from measurable and increased exposure thanks to the marketing team’s effort, from their engagement with speakers in generating pre-event podcast interviews, provision of dedicated email blasts with real value to the industry, and lively interaction through social media. As a result, the Customer Experience in Telecoms Conference is one of the best I’ve ever been to.” (Emilie Smith)
Here’s a photo of the team enjoying the evening!
Congratulations to all the winners.