Infographic: Digital Marketing Landscape

24 01 2012 recently published this interesting infographic by Adobe on the Digital Marketing Landscape. You can download it here or view below. Actually there’s to much text to be really called an infographic in my mind, but anyway…Here’s my top take aways:

1 – Tablets are here to stay, we need to adapt the user experience on the web and at the live events to allow a deeper, media rich, highly interactive user experience.

2 – Marketing and the marketers skill set will continue to evolve at a very rapid pace. Change is the only constant.

3 – Marketing will continue to drive innovation. Actually I think the data will, but marketing controls, co-ordinates or interprets much of this data.

4 – Content creation needs to be the foundation of any B2B marketing strategy.

5 – The big data challenge is only going to get worst. Mutliple platforms, mutliple sources of data, with many more variables. Combine this with the need to measure everything and we have a real challenge on our hands.

6 – We need to develop a single view of the customer.  Harder than you think when you take into account the big data challenge.

One thing that I felt was missing from the infographic is the emergence of marketing automation, which to me means the ability to leverage data and customer touch points or interactions into meaningful marketing communications to nurture customers through the sales funnel.  It may be the key to tackling the big data challenge!




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26 01 2012
Marcus Magee

Totally agree with your last point JR – it’s definitely the next ‘big thing’. But I suspect it’s missing because executing marketing automation is a lot harder than the theory suggests and they know it’d generate a deluge of questions.

26 01 2012

As they say, it’s all in the execution! I have another great read on marketing automation I will send it over!

19 06 2014
Internet Marketing services

Digital business has come a long way during the past decade. We have seen many new trends introduce and processes change since we entered internet marketing services, but the only reality that has prevailed, and will sustain forever is content. Content is the magnet which keeps target audience attracted and prompts them to become customers.

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