10 Years at IQPC

5 04 2012

This week marks a bit of a personal land mark, 10 years with IQPC. 

That’s a long time to spend with one group and the longest stint of my career, but it’s also not a co-incidence. I’d be lying if I told you 10 years at IQPC was all roses, so why stay for 10 years?

It’s pretty simple, the people.

I have worked with some of the best managers in the business, and I have learnt something from all of them. I have many people to thank for opportunities in the past and I currently work with a great management team, who continue to inspire me and share their insight, there is no greater teacher than experience.

The people I work with directly are also some of the best marketing managers in the business. Together they bring a unique set of skills that in itself motivates me and their teams. We have some truly talented people, some of which we have taken the time to develop internally, which is even more rewarding, but some who have also been attracted to the fast paced marketing of B2B events and the entrepreneurial or innovative culture at IQPC.

I believe the culture at IQPC encourages team effort and innovative thinking. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a team start with nothing and build a successful event that meets our commercial targets and makes sponsors, delegates and partners happy. Similarly, in the past few years seeing our online communities grow beyond our expectations has been very rewarding.  

I’ve also been lucky enough to work around the world in this business, including long stints in Chile, New York, Sydney and Dubai. I have also worked closely with teams in Argentina, India, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Canada, Brazil and the UK. No two offices or events have been the same, it makes going to work fun!

It’s been a rewarding career, and made me think, so what I have learnt in 10 years with IQPC:

Great product solves 80% of all your problems.

Continually learn – most importantly, every event is different, learn from each experience and read (a lot). 

Learn to listen more than you talk. People who do this are always more successful in this business. Also be great at the art of questioning.

Answers to problems can come from anyone on the team. A great event or marketing plan takes team work.

Trust your gut.

Get the basics right, tackle the 4 p’s, use industry or economic models to explain the dynamics of your product.

Research, research, research. Speak to your target audience and partners, gain a first hand understanding of their challenges, and build a product and story that resonates. And challenge all assumptions.

Plan, Execute, Monitor and encourage innovation, testing or experimentation at every corner.

Find an anchor or driver for your event that evokes passion in your audience. Use this to drive all communication.

Great systems and processes help you sleep at night! But people make it happen.

The conference industry in general can be challenging at the best of times, constant time and budget constraints combined with the need to innovate every marketing plan will keep you on your toes. It’s never boring…even after 10 years.




2 responses

5 04 2012

Congratulations Jason on your decade at IQPC!

It will have been 9 years for me this November and totally agree with your sentiments and would add that the emphasis IQPC puts on continuous improvement and the training and development of its people, for me, sets it apart from other events companies.

Having had the opportunity to work in a lot of our global offices I find I’m always really impressed with the people working there, the calibre of the team, their drive and how they have developed since joining IQPC. Its always the people you remember when you leave. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of my closest friends and even my husband too through working at IQPC. So on reflection I have a lot to be grateful for.

It’s been inspirational working with you, thank you, Ihave learnt a lot and had a lot of fun along the way!

9 05 2012

10 years… I can’t quite believe it but they do say time flies when you’re having fun. I’ll hit 14 years in October and can honestly say in all that time I’ve never been bored. IQPC’s given me the opportunity to work in start-up, turnaround and growth businesses all round the world and I‘ve never stopped learning. I agree that experience is a great teacher and being surrounded by talented and dedicated people helps too!

I strongly agree with your insights and above all would stress the importance of teamwork; in the conference business no individual, no department can succeed alone. As Rick has said many times we are only as good as the people around us. Our products require a cohesive approach to make them fly and when you find a team, even better an office with a culture of collaboration, that’s when the magic happens. We talk allot about collective responsibility, being a great sales person won’t solve a poor product issue, developing a great product is critical, but if it lands in the wrong hands, it’s useless. A high performing team in IQPC works seamlessly together. Sure they debate constantly, maybe even argue a little, but they focus on solutions not problems, they support each other, not defend their territory, they work towards a common goal, excellence.

We don’t get this right 100% of the time, who does! But when we do it’s not only profitable but so much fun.

Congrats on your 10 years Jason, you are an inspiration to so many in the business, so here’s hoping for another 10!

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