27 07 2012

Great post on MIT study about response times on leads!

Tembé Way

How you ask? Well in my experience it’s clear, and the clarity is underscored by this MIT study.

Before I came to WBR, I worked at IIR, a direct competitor. I spent alot of my energy with the DLS team (surprise, surprise). And one of the things that stayed with me, besides the fact that this is the single biggest sales channel by far for bringing in delegates, is how amazed our inquiries were when we called them up right away, with no delay…the moment the lead came in.

That’s the WOW factor they talk about in the MIT study. “WOW that’s fast. You are impressive.”
These leads are also converting because you’re getting hold of them due to something amazingly called ‘presence‘: When someone inquires online, and you call right away, you likely know they are
1. sitting at their desk
2. actually at the

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