New IQPC Website now live…

24 10 2012

Special thanks to our IQPC web team and all their efforts in updating the IQPC website. A few key people stepped up and did most of the work on this in their ‘spare time’.  It’s a great effort and the site looks great.. Thanks!

It’s been redesigned with a few key points in mind:

  • Update the look and feel and include more movement, graphics, color, interactivity etc. 
  • The idea was to also make it more repesentative of the energy and passion of the people who work at IQPC.
  • Add the ability to promote more featured events at a global and local level.
  • Add the ability to promote more speakers, and bring them more to the forefront of the site.
  • Raise the profile of some of our remarkable content created by some of our remarkable OCM’s.
  • Improve our social media integration (this part is a bit of a work in progress…)
  • Add email optin for all topic areas.
  • Improve the branding / user experience across our online communities.
  • Incorporate a new navigation/infrastructure allowing for a global home page.

As always there’s more work to be done… more on that later!




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