The Content Marketing Equation

8 10 2013

I’m a fan of content marketing! I believe it’s the best way to reach out to new customers and engage existing ones. It helps marketers cut through all the noise, but done well it also does a lot more than that!

The problem is it’s easy to over simplify, like all great concepts. But as a result it’s also easy to hide from the complexity of factors that really drive the performance of your content marketing. So at our last global marketing directors meeting, (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) I came up with this content marketing equation for B2B events:

The Content marketing equation

Without going into the details, roughly 19+ variables, all with variables of their own, all of which are hard to measure! But in essence it means:


Or to put it into English, the performance of your content marketing strategy is a function of the quality and quantity of your content multiplied by the promotion of the content, divided by the number of events and the ability of your inbound sales team.

The quality is a function of how your audience perceives the value of the piece, the format of the piece, it’s ‘shareability’, it’s relevancy to the event and audience, it’s recency, the authorship, it’s news worthiness and a lot of other factors.

The quantity is also not as simple as most marketing communications. Can your piece of content be re-purposed into 50 different tweets, an infographic, a blog post, a white paper, a power point presentation, a press release, a video, a webinar, a cartoon, a face book post, a linked in post, a group discussion, a ??????

The promotion is also more complex than the size of your internal database or your budget! How much external (social?) traction can you secure, how much influence can be leveraged  and can we find a way to nurture those leads within the tight event marketing lead times?

All of these factors need to be divided by the number of events and your inbound sales teams ability to stay attuned to the customer, prioritize all those leads and drive conversion. Which is also wrapped up in the process behind the creation of the content and communicating that to the team.

All of this without event touching on things like the SEO implications of the title…. As always the devil is in the detail!




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