The Good, the bad, and the ugly of marketing conferences

7 05 2014

Marketing companionI came across this great Marketing Companion Podcast (Link to podcast) with Tom Webster and Mark W Shaefer a while ago, but have only just got around to sharing!

Apart from being a great marketing podcast and blog, this particular session is unique for conference marketers. It’s essentially first hand customer  insight into attending, sponsoring, and speaking at marketing conferences by a couple of marketing guys I follow (it’s basically an interesting customer insight in my opinion).

I think it gives some real insight into our customers and highlights some universal truths, in case you don’t have time here’s my take aways:

  • High level executives only go to conferences because they were invited to speak?
  • Attendees want to be inspired, made to think.
  • Pay to play (or sponsored) conferences are ok, but only if there is a beating heart behind it, someone curating the speaker content, vetting their material, coaching the speakers!
  • Big room / Small interactions – even at the biggest industry events true value comes from spending time with speakers and those tiny interactions that happen around the formal sessions.
  • Having smaller consultants (or solution providers) who can’t sponsor but have real cutting edge research can be a win win!
  • Scholarships can help change the perception of the event

Hope you find it interesting…you can also download it at itunes.




One response

22 05 2014
Jon | Social Media Manager Software

Thanks for sharing. This is a very interesting article that gives honest-to-goodness insights on marketing conferences. I agree with your points. Some peopl attend conferences “automatically” as if it is a part of their job but without really having the interest to discover and share ideas.

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