Most Marketable Skill

23 05 2014

ownershipI do a lot of interviews, on average at least 2 a week. Sometimes for an open role, but often just looking for talent we may need one day in the future and sometimes to see what exciting things other marketers are doing! I was recently asked what I consider to be the most valuable marketable skill. What is it that I think is essential for success in today’s job market? The skill that I feel is the most important, and why it’s so indispensable for people going into the workforce. To me that skills is:


You have take ownership. I know it may not be perceived as a skill, but basically I think ownership means:

  • You go beyond your job description, shed light on the gray areas, and help the team reach the goal.
  • You go the extra mile for customers and colleagues.
  • You have passion for what you do, and make sure you are always learning and listening for new ways to improve.
  • You always spend money (or allocate budget/expenses) as if the money was yours. If you owned the company would you spend the money on this activity?
  • It’s about taking pride in your work!

If you feel like you can’t own the project or job then find something else, because your lack of interest will show up in the way you walk between meetings, they way you discuss challenges with your colleagues and ultimately in the results!

It’s telling that in a business context you can always tell instantly when the owner is in the conversation. One of my lecturers at University (a long time ago) once told a story that has always stuck with me.  She once ran her own restaurant and she felt none of her staff wiped down a table the same way she did, and that it essentially came down to the fact that she ‘owned’ the table, she viewed it as hers, and as a result, she wiped it cleaner and showed that extra level of care and passion for doing even these simple tasks. It shows!

Choosing one word is always difficult. I could have easily gone with leadership, initiative, grace, passion, sharing, learning, resilience or any other number of skills which I also think are important. But ultimately I think taking ownership of your role, project, team or development embodies all these things. It also makes you more valuable to a team!




One response

23 05 2014
Jaime - The first IQ:)

@nomadmarketer – Hope all is well. This is one of my favorite posts yet. When a team has ownership, it is truly evident in the work. A big component to achieving ownership though is trust. Must be earned…in both directions.

Hope you’ll be in NYC one of these days. Would love to connect!

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