I Love Stock Photos!

4 03 2015

iStock-Unfinished-Business-3Actually I don’t, but “I Hate Stock Photos” seemed a bit harsh!

A friend just shared this great post from Adweek. It’s a send up of a popular set of stock photos (that I admit have even turned up in some of our promotions) that are being used by Getty and 20th Century Fox to cleverly promote a new movie. But it also highlights just how ridiculous (and awesome) stock photos really are! It’s hard to pick a favorite but you can view them here!

I would always recommend using original artwork and photos but for some reason that is often harder to do than say. So if you do have to use them read this slideshare from HubSpot first – 10’s Do’s and Don’ts for Using Stock Photos.

But the real question – How long until one of these Vince Vaughn stock photos end up in someones marketing materials by mistake?





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