Your best coaching tips…

8 03 2010

On a recent trip to IQPC New York I read a great article in “The Week” about coaching, basically it outlined some entertaining stories about coaching, mainly to do with sport.

One from a football coach who walked up to a player at half time and then punched him the stomach for show boating. Another from a coach who during his half time talk singled out 9 of his players saying “You, you, you, you and you …. are s**t. They (pointing to two other players) are good. You (pointing to the original 9) pass the ball to them!”.

It made me start thinking of some of my best coaching moments:

  • After a couple of weeks of working on a big project my boss told me, “it’s a marathon not a sprint”
  • Once at the start of an under 16 basketball game, one I thought was the most important in my life our coach bought the team together and said, “What ever you do don’t get married!”, I think he had been fighting with his wife!
  • An old boss of mine once said, “You take things too personally”, my response was less diplomatically… “You would to if you work 16 hour days”. I was very young at the time…
  • I really like this quote from Indra Nooyi, CEO, Pepsi co, “Whatever anybody says or does, assume positive intent…When you assume negative intent, you’re angry”. We should all practice this more…
  • And this one from the wisest women I have ever met, Focus only on what you can control.

For some more serious tips on coaching I highly recommend The Tao of Coaching by Max Landsberg, one of the most practical management books ever in my opinion.

Anyone got any other pearls of wisdom?