Generation Flux

15 01 2012

Fast Company Magazine is a great read if you don’t read it you should. I finally got around to reading this article from the last issue called “This is Generation Flux: Meet The Pioneers Of The New (And Chaotic) Frontier of Business” and it struck a chord.

For anyone starting their career out in the event business I think it has a couple of key messages that can help anyone deal with the rapid pace of change associated with event marketing and management.  Change is the only constant in the event business. And for existing managers in the business I think the article points to a number of challenges we face in finding, developing and retaining talent in this new chaotic world.

In the article Robert Safian defines Generation Flux as more an attitude than an age and it’s an important differentiation. As the attitude is key to survival in this era of fast paced changed. The changes are fuelled by technology (the web, mobile, gaming and social etc) and more access to information than ever before forces us to be constantly thinking and adapting to whats next. How do you thrive when disruption is everywhere? I think a couple of things become more critical than ever:

  • Business model innovation – Companies must adopt innovation in all it’s aspects and create ways to test outside the normal controls
  • Adopt a test, fail, test, fail, test, succeed mentality
  • Embrace team work and a matrix org charts that empowers team leaders
  • Become ‘Skill hoarders” and embrace/develop a four year career path. Set up new employees for a powerful 2 -4 year development and management experience
  • Embrace technology in all it’s aspects, do not limit its access
  • As individuals – Seek a variety of experiences, move into different topics, and different roles

There’s no doubt a lot more to this list, and IQPC addresses many of these problems through our Academy and Leadership Development programmes. We could always do more, and should, and will, but I also think individuals have to realise this new reality and embrace it.

Enthusiasm is contagious

6 04 2010

Just watched this great Tom Peters video on BVO. I’m huge fan of Tom Peters, I haven’t read enough of his stuff, but what I have read is excellent, his blog is great, very insightful on Marketing, leadership and being ‘remarkable’ all done with incredible wisdom.

The video is full of highlights including:

  • When he talks about hanging out with freaks – How we need to challenge ourselves and allow others to challenge us. I love the analogy of going to lunch with the same people all the time…you learn nothing, ask someone in your office you don’t know that well and see what you learn.
  • Leaders are rarely the best performers, but they must be able to support the best and deal with all the personality issues that come with the best.
  • Nothings is as contagious as enthusiasm – It’s the most important trait in leadership.
  • Leaders are responsible for painting portraits of excellence; they are dealers in hope…
  • Experience is the brand… we forget this a lot in events, I often say “we live and die by our last event”, people often take this wrong way, but what I mean is if we have a good event, people will remember it, the experience.  I once put together a year long media partnership with an industry association based solely on the colossal shrimp tower. There was more to it of course but this partner remembered the experience and wanted to be associated with brand.
  • Who’s the most interesting person you have meet in the last 90 days?
  • You must recruit talent and organisations must be cathedrals to talent.
  • Life is a learning experience…

Also this gem, damned if you, damned if you don’t, just plan damned!