Salespeople Don’t Like Leads!

3 10 2011

I recently came  across this really great post by Bruce Brien from Bulldog Solutions on the Marketing Watchdog Journal which I think added some fresh insight into the whole marketing and sales alignment challenge. I’ve blogged about marketing and sales alignment in the past, but Bruce added some insight from a couple of companies who have made significant progress. I also like the controversial heading which Bruce justifies by outlining that in general salespeople don’t like leads, because it often means more work and limited results.

The key takeaways, in my opinion:

  • The sales leaders and the marketing leaders need to view themselves as a team of equals and both look at the entire process, not their separate processes.
  • Marketing should talk about delivering opportunities not leads, suspects, prospects etc. Salespeople want opportunities, particularly opportunities to sell to qualified prospects.
  • Content alignment – By focusing the content on solving customer problems, it allows sales people to add value to the relationship.

This last point point also also reminded me of an older post from Carrie Baker over at Vovici Blog, “To create and sustain value, organizations must be aligned with the customer’s ENTIRE journey to ensure success EVERY step of the way.” Which I think highlights the need to keep the customer at the center of the sales and marketing alignment.  In this age old sales and marketing feud somewhere between “marketing handing over crap leads” and “leads not getting called by sales people” lies a new customer.