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Jr photoHi,

My name is Jason Romain, I have over 20 years experience in B2B conference marketing.

I’m also a happily married father of two great kids.

I currently live in Singapore, but I have also lived in Dubai, Darwin, Sydney, London, Santiago (Chile) and New York.  I have travelled extensively, mainly for business, including marketing B2B conferences in Australia, Sweden,  Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong,  Brazil, New Zealand, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Papua New Guinea and numerous other places.

I’m currently Chief Marketing Officer for IQPC (www.iqpc.com), a global organisation that specialises in conferences and online communities (such as www.idga.org, www.ssonetwork.com, www.defenceiq.com, www.sixsigmaiq.com, www.humanresourcesiq.comwww.pexnetwork.com and others).  Although I am currently based in the IQPC office in Singapore, I travel about 6 months of the year, including regular trips to our offices in New York, London, Sydney, Dubai, Bangalore, and Berlin. IQPC is full of talented and energetic people with whom I enjoy working with tremendously, as Warren Buffett once said “I tap dance to work every day!”.

My wife also runs her own Swimming School in Singapore called Swish Swimming at Dempsey Hill in the center of Singapore, if you have any kids who need lessons I highly recommend her! (she’s my wife after all!)



Jason (jason.romain@gmail.com)

P.S. You can also read more at http://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonromain

P.S.S. Disclaimer: The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the thoughts of my employer IQPC.

9 responses

19 02 2010
Sonia Molina

Hi Jason

I hope you’re well. Just checked in on LinkedIn to find your response to my recent post…thanks so much for your insights! And what a fantastic blog this is .. I’d love to be informed of future blogs. A really good read!

Hope all is well in the world of IQPC. Whenever you’re next in London it would be great to catch up.

Thanks, Sonia

19 02 2010

Hi Sonia,

I should be in the UK in March!



21 12 2010
Erin Gilbert


I love your blog! In my free time, I’ve started my own blog about marketing….because I’m a bit of a nerd. I love writing and I love marketing, so I thought I’d combine the two….

I thought I’d pass it along in hopes that you’ll take a moment to check it out.


Thanks Jason!

-Erin Gilbert
IDGA Marketing Manager

23 12 2010

Hey Erin, Great blog! Added you to the blog roll!

30 03 2011
Lambert hui

Hi, I am an fresh graduate but that doesn’t matter! Just wanna say your blog is amazing! I recently started my own marketing blog but I dun have a clue on how to make one. I was about to give up, but after seeing your blog! It really impress me and I knew I have to keep going on and be more committed. Thank you!! Hope to connect with you someday

25 04 2011
melissa hamilton

I love your blog! The videos are so funny. I love the writes ups on marketing too. I came across your blog because I was vetting out your company. I am trying to get into conference producing. Please take a look at my business and technology blog. I recently did a interview with the co founder of Last Minute.com that will be up soon. I look forward to reading more posts and you have given a real creative representation of your company!


26 07 2012

Hi Jason,

I would like to request your guidance regarding my career.

I am a mass media graduate from Mumbai, but have been working in sales since finishing college. I did take a break from sales and tried marketing (mostly B2C) for almost 3 years and came back to sales, due to lack of opportunity. i feel because of many years of sales experience interviewers felt that I could do better in sales as I did in the past.

Currently I am back in sales and feel incomplete in the role- not as excited as before. I was more satisfied and happy with a more strategic role than the current tactical sales role.

Can you please suggest the best possible way to make this lateral move to marketing and a way to convince the management that I enjoy marketing and will be more productive. I am also ready to start as an executive and move up.

I would really appreciate if you could guide me in my quest.

Thanks and regards,
Sponsorship Sales Person

27 07 2012

Hi Sponsorship Sales Person,

Send me your CV via email (jason.romain@iqpc.com) and we can line up a time to talk… Always happy to help!



30 07 2012

Hi Jason,

I have sent my CV to you. Please review it and let me know how and when we can connect.

Thanks for your help.
Imran Khan (Sponsorship Sales Person)

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