A picture is worth a thousand words

2 06 2010

HubSpot recently created this great post on 22 social media diagrams.

The guy’s over at www.starshot.com also did a great post on visualization. Which reminded me of this crazy site on Nonsensical Infographics, and my favorite visual thesaurus by Thinkmap. I’m a visual type of person.

All of which lead me to this very cool tool from Wordle (Thanks Wordle.net) to visualize my blog:

The above image shows in a glance where I have been and where I need to go with this blog. It’s a powerful image for me, even though it’s  stuffed with words. It tells me where my focus has been topic wise, and leads me to question if I am focusing on the right things. It’s also great tool for quickly checking if you have your keywords right on a website. I love it.

All of this just shows the power of images, I don’t think we use them enough!

Most conference brochures or event websites often do a poor job of using images. Conferences are all about that physical contact, the fast paced interaction between people, buyers, sellers and thought leaders sharing ideas and doing business, and an image is the perfect way to express it. Even from an agenda point of view, many conferences struggle to clearly convey the key focus of the event, what better way to do this than tag cloud?

Hi Nomad Marketers…

28 09 2009

nomadI think the most important thing to do first is establish why I wanted to add another blog to this information rich world…Here’s a list of my motivations:

  • To help spark innovation amongst past, present and future conference marketing colleagues
  • Create an outlet for some of my ideas, experiments and insights into current marketing trends
  • I also like to write… mostly about marketing, but also about being son, husband and father,  who likes movies, reading, surfing and anything that grabs my attention.  

The next thing is why Nomad Marketer….All the other good names were taken. Actually I thought, As a B2B marketer who has travelled the world for the past 14 years marketing conferences, exhibitions, technology solutions, publications and online communities. During my nomadic journey I worked on projects in Asia (even PNG), Europe, The US, South America and most recently the Middle East.  During those 14 years I also managed to move from Australia, to Chile, back to Australia, then to New York, then to Dubai, then to London and then back to the Middle East, I got married, had two wonderful kids with an amazing wife, got my masters and helped a team of very skilled marketers with over 5000 events around the world!

One of my university lecturers once told me that she tries to learn something new every day! I hope this will help me achieve that goal and share what I learn.


Nomad Marketer (nomadmarketer @ gmail .com)